Here's what our clients are saying about ASHRA and CCI

I received an email from a podcast I was interested in. I opened it and it simply stated “ASHRA Human Mastery”. I read a short intro. It completely resonated with me and I put it on my schedule for that same day.

As I listened to ASHRA speak on the call, I innately felt a deep connection to her, not fully knowing why. I needed to speak with her & booked a private session. As soon as we met, I knew it was another pivotal moment in my life.


Since I’ve been working with her, individually & in a group setting, I have a deeper awareness of the new energy we are experiencing as I am raising my own levels of Consciousness. I’ve received many gifts: glimpses into a future Self, tools to access my ability to follow my heart & trust myself implicitly, learning how to utilize unified sacred practices as a multidimensional being, a deeper understanding of true interconnectedness & limitlessness, embracing all that I am, as I am embracing & supporting a greater loving relationship with mySelf and others. It has been and continues to be life-changing.


ASHRA guides & provides. She empowers & supports you where you are on your journey. I have received deep insights to help me understand myself on levels I only dreamed existed. I’ve received guidance that provides me information so I can choose how I want to show up & create the best life for myself by discerning through my heart what feels true for me and not something someone has projected onto me. She has a loving energy & her authentic passionate Self radiates in such a way, that only a safe sacred place can exist with this wonderful, highly intelligent, extraordinarily gifted one.


Since that first session I’ve joined a Master Class she was teaching and I signed up for private sessions with her. It has been so much more than I could ever really express within the confines of our written language. I look forward to my next series of 1:1 sessions & classes with her.

Mary Ann C.

New York, USA

“The connected brilliance of ASHRA's wonderful soul helped guide me on my journey, Healing the fears and replacing them with limitless hopes and dreams. I am forever grateful”


Michigan, USA

Invaluable information was shared for setting boundaries, honoring my time and energy. ASHRA is very compassionate in her delivery and was able to provide specific information on where the issues are rooted. Very empowering sessions and I’m so glad to have worked with this beautiful soul!

Juanita Martin


Ashra has been an incredible guide and coach in my journey in just the couple of months I’ve worked with her. Our group work has upgraded my mind and energy to the growth necessary for 5D and beyond. And our 1x1s have helped me hone in on my skills and purpose so I feel more confident in moving forward with my business. On a personal level she’s incredibly wise, thoughtful, and funny. I highly recommend her for guidance and personal growth on all levels.


New York City

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