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Conscious Consulting International® (CCI) is an innovative and progressive conscious thought leadership organization implementing socially and environmentally aware concepts and practices in business, government and other organizations.

At CCI we focus on Purpose, Values, Beliefs, Boundaries in Fair Currency Exchange to re-calibrate the way CEO’s, Executives, Directors, Leaders and Teams apply their own progressive thought strategy and growth consciousness in their everyday business activities and personal life.

This applies to how they generate revenue and profits, build brand value, contribute to society and how this filters down through the rest of their organization, wider community and other inhabitants on our planet.

We then weave these elements into their daily operations so that individuals in the organization collectively begin acting on a more conscious growth level, unified through expansive goals and intentionally clear about the living life legacy they are creating - personally, professionally, socially and environmentally.

For humanity to healthily thrive in all aspects of connectivity with people, business and government we need to operate on a more progressive intentional unified conscious level, driven by clear beliefs, values and boundaries.

Our Vision

A planet guided by consciousness and fair currency exchange.

Our Mission

To have a CCI blue-print of unification, consciousness and fair currency exchange implemented in every community and business on the planet.

Our Purpose

A thriving sustainable planet, guided by the unification, conscious contribution and fair currency exchange between people, business and government.

Our Ethos

Advocacy in building a living legacy that all future generations thrive in.

Since I’ve been working with ASHRA, individually & in a group setting, I have a deeper awareness of the new energy we are experiencing as I am raising my own levels of Consciousness. It has been and continues to be life-changing. Since that first session I’ve joined a Master Class she was teaching and I signed up for private sessions with her. It has been so much more than I could ever really express within the confines of our written language.
Mary Ann C.
New York, USA
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